IoT Monitoring Technology for Healthy Indoor Environments

Did you know we spend 90% of our lives indoors and take about 20,000 breaths per day?

In fact, indoor pollution can be 2-5X worse than outdoors and is often referred to as a silent killer.

One of the biggest factors affecting our personal health and productivity is exposure 

to indoor pollution and access to proper ventilation.

Do you know what’s in the air you’re breathing?

Introducing Indôr:

The world’s first IoT solution to real-time monitoring of indoor pollution and the critical factors that affect healthy indoor environments.


Indôr is the easiest and most reliable way to monitor, track, and respond to the factors that keep our homes, classrooms, and businesses – and the occupants inside – healthy, safe, and productive.

Ideal for Any Indoor Environment

Indôr can help keep indoor environmental quality (IEQ) at conditions NOT favorable for

virus spread and most favorable for occupant health, well-being, and productivity in a

post Covid 19 economy.

Leveraging a robust combination of microprocessors and state-of-the-art sensors combined with proprietary algorithms, Indôr provides key benefits:

For Households:

Indôr provides safety, security, and peace of mind for family members inside the home and offers transparency and secure remote access to share and compare indoor pollution data with loved ones located elsewhere.

For Retail Businesses and Restaurants:

As the economy recovers from COVID-19, consumers will demand retail businesses and restaurants monitor, track, and provide public access to indoor pollution levels and other healthy building metrics. Customers deserve to know what they are breathing inside the buildings where their valuable time and money are spent.

For Schools and Universities

Indôr is compliant with California Assembly Bill AB 841 carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring requirements which mandates CO2 air quality monitoring inside every classroom to reduce COVID-19 transmission and infection risk.


Providing an alert when the carbon dioxide levels in the classroom have exceeded 1,100 ppm and increasing classroom ventilation rates, above the state standard, would substantially decrease illness absence, improve student concentration and focus, increase cognitive ability and test scores, and produce economic benefits. 

For Commercial Offices and Government Buildings:

Proper ventilation and access to healthy indoor environmental quality (IEQ) conditions can affect employee sick days, productivity, and business profits. For example, a 2X increase in ventilation can improve employee cognitive ability, productivity, and business profits by up to 10%. The cost of monitoring / improving ventilation 2X is ~$50/ Person/Yr.

How It Works


a buildings' indoor pollution levels from any device for any building in real-time


pollution data via links with family, friends, employees, customers, and students


healthy building data and pollution exposure with other frequented locations

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VizAeras Monitoring Capabilities, Key Features, and Benefits

Cutting edge sensor modules measure indoor pollutions levels and overall IEQ

No WiFi required, narrowband IoT ensures simple, secure, remote access

Proprietary technology platform with seamless smart system integration

AI and data can predict employee health and business productivity trends


Our company, VizAeras, means “Visual Air.” We comprise an experienced team of passionate innovators and health creators.

We developed an IoT platform technology, “indor”, designed to monitor healthy building conditions also known as Indoor Environmental Quality or “IEQ.”

IEQ is most simply described as the conditions inside a building and how it affects the health and well-being of those who occupy it.

With “indor” we can monitor and track not only the carbon dioxide (C02) levels within the air we breathe, but also temperature, humidity, light, sound, exposure to harmful chemicals, gasses, and pollutants, and other critical factors that affect human health and performance inside our homes, offices, classrooms, and retail businesses. 

Our team was shocked to learn that the average adult takes approximately 20,000 breaths per day and spends 90% of their time indoors, where pollution can be 2-5X worse than outdoors.

We also learned that indoor pollution causes or aggravates up to 50% of all illnesses. In fact, the U.S. EPA now ranks indoor pollution as a top five environmental risk to public health and estimates that poor indoor air quality affects 33% to 50% of all commercial buildings in the U.S. and is responsible for over 10 million lost workdays per year.

In short, indoor spaces and long-term exposure to indoor pollution can truly affect our health, well-being, productivity, and even business profits!


Often referred to as a ‘silent killer’, experts believe monitoring and tracking indoor pollution will help save millions of lives and billions of dollars in annual health care costs and productivity loss, globally.

While Google Mapped “The Great Outdoors” OUR VISION at VizAeras is to Map, Track, and Connect “The Great Indoors”, providing transparency and real-time public access to indoor pollution levels for any building, from any device for free.

Our unique approach provides building owners and business operators with the ability to not only monitor, track, and publicly share healthy building metrics, but also respond to any potentially harmful conditions in real-time.

VizAeras’s patent pending platform technology and monitoring capabilities can also help improve business credibility, occupant health, and public trust by allowing families, employees, co-workers, students, and consumers to easily access, share, and compare indoor health and pollution data for any building.

True to our name, with “VizAeras” we can finally “visualize” indoor pollution levels before entering a building. Access to this critical information could shift immense power to consumers as they factor overall healthy building conditions when deciding where to
spend valuable time and money indoors.

In a post Covid-19 economy, we believe consumers will demand greater transparency and access to healthy indoor spaces.

It’s time to protect the most valuable asset inside the building, it’s occupants.

Clean indoor air. We care. You should too.

Join the healthy building movement. We appreciate the support. 

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Our Mission:


To Make Indoor Environments Healthier, Safer, and More Accessible to Everyone.


Our Vision:


Google mapped “The Great Outdoors.” VizAeras will be a catalyst for kick starting the healthy building movement, using our proprietary monitoring technology to map, track, and connect “The Great Indoors.” 


We will bring greater transparency and access to healthy indoor spaces and help protect the most valuable asset inside the building, its occupants. 


Our goal is to optimize indoor environments – minimizing indoor pollution levels and occupant exposure – in order to maximize human health and performance.


How We Will Achieve This?


VizAeras will reliably monitor, track, and provide real-time access to the critical factors that affect Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) conditions for any building, accessible from any mobile device, free to the masses. 


We will also partner with businesses, schools and universities, organizations, and industry thought leaders that share a similar vision and passion for creating and optimizing healthy indoor environments.


Clean indoor air. We care. You should too.


Please join the healthy building movement. We appreciate the support.

No other indoor air and environmental quality monitoring system on the market today is bringing transparency and access to the masses like indor, providing building occupants with the following differentiating capabilities and benefits:

  1. Indor provides complete transparency and access to the critical factors that affect healthy building conditions, we’re talking about indoor air quality and pollution levels, and it’s 2-5X worse inside than outside. Because we spend 90% of our time indoors and take ~20,000 breaths per day, what we breath really matters. It affects our health, well-being, productivity, test scores, and even business profits!

    Get complete real-time access to the healthy building metrics and overall Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) conditions that affect human health and performance for any location from any device for free. Scan a building QR code or access a publicly available link and ‘know before you go.’ Who else does that? We searched. Carefully. For a year. Couldn’t find it. So we built it. And our patent pending utility application with the U.S. Patent Trademark Office covers these capabilities and more.

  2. Indor provides the ability to publicly share data and links to healthy (or unhealthy) indoor building conditions and promote healthy businesses (or report bad actors) on websites such as Yelp, Glassdoor, and/or various social media platforms. This approach allows Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) information and links to be easily shared with family, friends, students, employees, co-workers, and customers. In a post Covid-19 world, consumers will demand greater transparency and access to information that affects their health, well-being, and personal productivity levels.

    We believe consumers have the right to know what they are breathing inside the buildings where they spend 90% of their lives (and most of their hard-earned money).

  3. Indor provides users with the ability to easily compare healthy building conditions with favorite or frequented locations and monitor, analyze, and track personal exposure to harmful pollution levels at various locations over specified periods of time.

    Indor is bringing transparency and awareness to healthy building conditions with a goal of optimizing indoor environments – minimizing indoor pollution levels and occupant exposure – in order to maximize human health and performance.

    Clean indoor air. We care. You should too.

    Please join the healthy building movement. We appreciate the support. 

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) refers to the quality of a building’s environment in relation to the health and wellbeing of those who occupy space within it.

The technology to specifically detect Covid-19 does not yet exist, however we can detect conditions that could allow transmission of airborne viruses and contaminents.

The common culprits that pollute indoor air are VOCs, radon, carbon monoxide, indoor particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide, and secondhand smoke which are all serious threats to your health.

You bet. Homes with consistently high humidity levels are often breeding grounds for mold and dust mites so expect more allergy issues, not to mention warped wood floor and furniture and damaging condensation on windows. On the other hand, extremely low humidity promotes the growth of certain bacteria and viruses that can lead to respiratory infections, and you’ll probably also notice itchy skin, dry coughing, bloody noses, sore throats, and constant jolts of static electricity. It is very important to monitor and be aware of these conditions.

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